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Moving to Kemsing next Friday!

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FrazzleRock Wed 18-May-16 14:02:40

Hello, I'm moving from SW London to Kemsing with my partner and my two DS's, and I'm just seeing if there are any fellow Kemsing people around?

We have such a close knit community in Colliers Wood so leaving a lot of good friends behind, it would be lovely to meet some new local parents as we're a pretty sociable family. It would also be good to know what goes on in Kemsing and surrounding areas for both the children and the grown-ups. Having lived in London all our lives it will be a big change for us!

MrsHowardRoark Wed 18-May-16 17:33:44

I don't live in Kemsing but in the area.

I suggest you try and join the Facebook group Sevenoaks Mums Network. It's the high of 'mummy mafia' but has every event and group listed, along with school information, restaurant reviews etc.

This is such a lovely area with so much going on. Lots of people have moved from London so you're sure to find kindred spirits.

I met a wonderful group of women through mumsnet and they were a great support when I first moved here.

Good luck!

JLoTheAstra Wed 18-May-16 18:32:35

I'm not in Kemsing either but am a couple of miles away on the northern side of Sevenoaks. I've just moved here too so am still at the stage of sussing everything out myself, but I'd definitely recommend joining the Sevenoaks Mums Network on FB as MrsHoward suggests.

How old are your DSs? I have a 2 year old and am expecting another in July.

There's loads around here for kids and it's a very 'family' area so I'm sure you'll settle in soon.

FrazzleRock Thu 19-May-16 09:58:58

Hi, I tried to join the facegroup group a few weeks ago but my invite hasn't been accepted yet sad. It said to contact one of the admins when I request an invite but, when I searched for the names of the admins, quite a few results came back so it wasn't clear who they were.
I will try again though!

We are really looking forward to moving. JLoTheAstra I have a 10 year old and a 7 year old, both boys. Also a, 8 year old cat, Phoebe.
Congratulations on your pregnancy! We actually started the moving process because we were expecting a baby in September (our first as a couple), but we discovered at 9 weeks that it's little heart had stopped beating which was an absolutely massive shock to all of us. We decided to go ahead with the move regardless. Just waiting for an exchange day now, things are very tense. I can safely say we will never move again after all this!

I will try again now to join the Sevenoaks Mums network.

FrazzleRock Thu 19-May-16 10:00:05

Ah, I just worked out how to find the admins! It wasn't clear on my phone, the web version is much clearer!

Emilie2017 Wed 18-Oct-17 13:53:31

Hi FrazzleRock, my family is planning to move to Sevenoaks and Kemsing is one of the areas we are looking at. How are you liking it? We have a seven year old daughter and I was wondering what you thought of the local primary, if your boys go there...

Thanks -))

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