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Good schools for boys (esp. Woodbridge)

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kittymckat Mon 16-May-16 11:52:22

We've been looking round several schools (East Suffolk) for pre-school age and we really liked Woodbridge School. However, we feel it could be slightly more suited to girls. The girls we met were very confident and we didn't really see any boys. We wondered where (why?) they'd hidden them!

Does anyone have boys at the school? Is it a good fit for them?

Other schools we've been looking at are Ipswich, Brandeston Hall and St Jo's.

Many thanks!

kittymckat Mon 16-May-16 11:53:35

Oops - should read 'prep-school age'. Not pre-school age. Buttery fingers and keyboard...

GardeningCaroline Mon 16-May-16 21:26:06

Hi, I think we may have been at the same open day as you at the weekend! There was a rowdy mob of Year 4 boys in the art room having a great time, and a load out on the cricket pitch, so I have to say I didn't notice the lack of boys in the same way. Although totally agree with you in that the girls were very confident. I think girls do tend to be more outgoing in those situations. I know Framlingham (co-ed) is well-thought of, although they do have Saturday school which put us off a bit. There is also Orwell Park/Orwell House nearer Ipswich which is a bit more 'traditional' prep school/boy friendly? Hope that helps.

SoMuchToBits Thu 19-May-16 08:41:25

My boy is at Woodbridge, but in the secondary school (year 10). He joined in year 7, having gone to a state school for primary. So I can't really say for primary age, but he loves it at Woodbridge.

He's really happy, doing well, and lots of opportunities for extra curricular stuff as well as the academic side. My ds is into music in a big way, and plays in 4 different music ensembles in the school. He is also doing sailing, and loves the CCF (he's in the Royal Navy section).

There seem to be a lot of opportunities for all sorts of things there, for both boys and girls.

LIbertyCharles Thu 19-May-16 16:49:17

Woodbridge is a fab school for both boys and girls and as far as I'm aware it's a pretty even split so the boys must have been hiding which is most unusual- they are very confident too!

Lots for both to do there and they seem to get on well together. It's a very happy school, good on the academics and excellent for activities and clubs. Pastoral care is amazing. I can recommend!

jazzmin Thu 19-May-16 20:47:09

Go and have another look. I teach at one of the schools you mentioned and we often have parents coming back two or three times. It would be welcomed warmly. You wouldn't buy a house after one visit.... Mmm though I have! Good luck.

Aldeburghshell Fri 20-May-16 17:07:32

I have boys at Woodbridge , who also went to The Abbey , I think it's a great school for boys and girls , both year groups are pretty much half and half and they mix very well , no stereotypes etc.

Masses of outdoor space ( unlike one of its competitors who have a rooftop playground )and time to play and enjoy that space not just at break but for lessons too , great pics on the Facebook feed of children playing in the cherry blossom this week .Today I had to drop something off at lunchtime at the main school and I loved the fact that all ages were out In the sunshine playing frisbee, football etc in the valley they were all having such a good time.

Lots of things to get involved in , it's very much a "can do" school, there really does seem to be something for everyone and they are very much encouraged to have a go at as many things as possible .As someone else has said the pastoral care is very strong .

I also have direct experience of two other schools on your list , all are very good schools for the right type , what I love about Woodbridge is that it seems to suit all types , academic, sporty, musical, drama , quirky etc etc

kittymckat Wed 15-Jun-16 13:58:54

Thanks so much for all your input. This is my first time using the local site and stupidly I thought I'd get notifications through the main site's 'I'm on' tab...lesson learnt.

We were considering Orwell Park GardeningCaroline but we're not too sure about Saturday school. Mind you Brandeston also has Saturday school...but it felt very different to Orwell Park which seemed a bit cold (to us) in comparison - especially the pre-prep which seemed very odd.

Further visits seem to be the order of the day...just to squeeze in before the summer hols start...!

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