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ConorMorgan343 Sun 15-May-16 18:07:07

Hi everyone ,
I am looking for anyone who would be interested in allowing me to experience what its like for parents and their children in their first year. This is part of a Masters in Psychology that I will be starting at University College London in September. It would only be for an hour a week from October 2016 (so ideally you would be around 5 months pregnant now), I would not take notes and it would be at a time to suit you and if your child is sleeping for the whole hour that is absolutely fine.

If this sounds at all like something you might be interested in please feel free to drop me an email.
Alternative you can reach me on: 07505093124

Some information about me.
I am a 24 year Old who has lived in Brighton their whole Life. I currently work as a mentor at Patcham House Special Needs school. I have tried to attached a picture but as it is not letter me one can be found on the Patcham House School Website under staff.

Many thanks for your time and good luck with your pregnancy.

ConorMorgan343 Sun 15-May-16 18:08:50

ps. Apologies for the typo.

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