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Roche v's Merlin v's Lion House

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babypoppop Sat 14-May-16 19:46:14

Hello, trying to choose between the above three schools. Have had a good search for previous threads but a lot seem to be quite outdated, does anyone have any recent snippets/thoughts/advice they can offer? Please note follow on schools are not important to us, our decision will not be based on which schools the children are getting in to as it will not be relevant for us. Instead we are looking for somewhere nurturing with excellent pastoral care and where fun is being had with great friendships being made. It felt to us that the kids at Roche were more naturally polite/well mannered and confident - is that a fair comment or a huge generalisation?! Any thoughts on staff/heads/facilities/teaching approaches etc..etc.. hugely appreciated. Not really sure how we choose between them at the mo! Thanks...

toomuchribbon Fri 21-Oct-16 13:29:56

Hi, I live locally and am in a similar situation so can help with a couple of these if you'd like to DM me!

DaffyDonut Wed 30-Nov-16 19:58:53

Hi there my ds is year 5 at the Roche and has been there since nursery. We have absolutely loved it and ds has come on massively confidence-wise. The school encourages kids to be kind and tolerant and ds has come home on more than one occasion with lovely stories of being looked after by numerous children after falling over etc.

We chose the Roche because we liked the energy and were shown around by delightful, grounded children, which is pretty much how I see ds and his friends. We also liked that it was not assessed entry as we felt that sending ds to a private school was already going to isolate him from the real world to some extent and we didn't want him to be in a school where everyone fit into a mould from a young age.

I know that you are not interested in next schools, but ds is being prepared for KCS/Westminster Under and his friends are also being prepared for some very academic schools. Equally, children who have other non-academic skills are celebrated at the school with drama, sport and art all being considered very cool. Art department is amazing with secondary level art and art scholarship programme. Sports wise it hasn't had the best rep and not been the sportiest although it has recently produced a few sports scholars. They've got a new head of sport who is fantastic and very keen on pursuing sport for all. I can't fault it, ds hasn't had a bad day yet (touch wood!) and any minor concerns (we had trouble with a couple of boys in year one) were dealt with extremely well. They are also great on SEN so if you find you do need help they will do all they can. HTH!

Bellseybub Mon 08-May-17 16:19:27

Hi Daffy Doughnut

I was really interested in your thread on Roche School. It sounded from your thread as though the school had been very supportive and had helped your child with their leavers / senior school. I realise some time has passed since your response, and wondered if you managed to get the senior school place for your child (you mentioned they were sitting for Westminster Under / Kings). The ability of a school to support our DD with achieving good leavers school success in the longer term is really important to us so appreciate your insight!

Many Thanks

Lottothink Tue 30-May-17 11:37:56

Hi Bellseybub - I am also interested in the same question . did you find an answer.

also since we are moving from SE to SW I was wondering where most of the pupils go to Roche live. do you know? we are looking for a walking distance easy access to primary school but for a better area happy to do a bit more.

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