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CountyAirAmbulanceTrust Wed 11-May-16 15:27:08

Could you help us empty our HELP Appeal Charity Boxes?

We are looking for people to represent our HELP Appeal emptying our charity boxes around the Hounslow and surrounding areas.

Charity boxes play an important part in both our fundraising and awareness of our HELP Appeal. By personally visiting local businesses we are able to provide up-to-date information on our Appeal. This can have a far reaching effect as the business owners will often discuss our Appeal with their customers and occasionally organise a charity event on our behalf.

We already have charity boxes placed across the Hounslow and surrounding areas and are looking for people who maybe interested in volunteering their time to empty the some of these boxes.

Each location have a list of boxes that will need emptying every few months and so is a very flexible role. This face-to-face interaction is essential for the long-term support of our charity. We can provide formal and hands-on training together with a range of support material.

The County Air Ambulance Trust's HELP (Helicopter Emergency Landing Pads) Appeal provides funding for life-saving helipads at Major Trauma Centres and Key A&E Hospitals across the country. Air Ambulances have become an essential component of emergency pre-hospital care and collectively are the busiest voluntary emergency service in the country. Despite their patients being critically ill and often suffering major trauma, air ambulances often have to land some distance from the hospital in inadequate facilities which require a road ambulance to complete the journey. Many of these landing sites are simply a local sports field or a park where the air ambulance can land and meet a road ambulance. These secondary transfers take valuable time and expose vulnerable patients to unnecessary risk at a crucial time.

Unfortunately, few of our hospitals have helipads and much of the benefit of helicopter transport is lost if the available helipad is not directly adjacent to the hospital’s emergency department. We recognised this urgent situation and launched the HELP Appeal. Our aim is to ensure that every Major Trauma Centre and key A&E hospital has a fully operational/accessible helipad. With helipads costing anything from £250,000 to more than £4million for the most complex, the challenge is formidable, but we are determined to raise awareness of the issue and to accelerate fundraising for the benefit of hospitals and their patients nationwide.

Since the first helipad was officially opened in 2009, we have funded a number of new/improved helipads across the country. We have projects from Plymouth to Brighton, London to Hull and across to Manchester, Sheffield, Stoke Mandeville and Liverpool all due to open within the next year.

Every second of every minute of every hour counts for serious accidents or medical emergencies – the difference between life and death is often a fast flying helicopter with appropriate landing facilities.

We receive no funds from government or the lottery relying solely on charitable donations.

For further information about our charity please call 0121 3866767.

County Air Ambulance Trust
PO Box 999
0121 3866767
Registered Charity No: 1057063

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