St Joseph's Primary or Winchcombe School in Newbury?

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Raimunda Fri 29-Apr-16 16:04:15

Hello lovely ladies,
I'm looking for opinions on two primary schools in Newbury, St Joseph's and Winchcombe School, I'm not sure which one to choose (Reception class). The Ofsted report for Winchcombe is not great, there is a "satisfactory" only ratig for safeguarding at the school which worries me. The report also says about bad behaviour amongst pupils. But I know Ofsted report is not all, which is why I'm looking for opinions of parents whoi have their chilkdren there. I know Winchcombe have a lovely play area for their small ones.St Joseph's on the other hand has a brilliant Ofsted report. I'd be very very grateful for help. Thank you so much.

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CottageGardenHouse Tue 28-Jun-16 19:07:10

Are you Catholic? That would be a big consideration for me as it is a very religious school compared to others. Both schools' ofsted reports are old and I think I'm right in saying both schools have new headteachers since their last ofsted reports. So, frankly, I'd ignore the reports altogether and maybe ask the headteachers what's changed or improved and what the staff turnover has been. Winchcombe is a much bigger school than St Joseph's so think about what may be best for your child. Both schools have wraparound care.

MonikaBabbar Fri 22-Jul-16 12:33:16

Hi Mommies

I just travelled from overseas and my daughter is going to join Reception year. I am confused between the two schools, The Winchcombe and st. Joseph Primary school. Inspite of Ofsted ratings, I am recieving different opinions about the school. As we just travelled, so I want my daughter to settle down easily. Please help me in taking the right decision.

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