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Clayesmore, Castle Court or Dumpton Prep?

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mumw5 Tue 26-Apr-16 13:13:58

Hi, moving to Dorset. Have visited all 3 of these prep schools, met the Heads and liked them all! Need to make a decision for my son starting Year 1 in September. Main dilemma: keen not to move son again if we dont have to so Clayesmore would work as its all-through to 18. However, not so keen on him doing saturday school until he goes to senior. Definitely need a nurturing environment as he is not one who thrives on being pushed hard academically (so far - obviously only in Reception now .....)

DorsetWarbler Tue 26-Apr-16 13:24:06

Not sure I can help very much but do know people with children at Castle Court and Dumpton and both pleased with them. Think if they don't like sport Castle Court would be an issue.

I know someone who removed a child from Dumpton a few years ago as felt they weren't getting anything much more than they would get at St. James. Not many go privately locally as the state first schools are pretty good and those who do often use them with a view to getting into Grammar.

What I wanted to say though with two older children is go for somewhere that suits them now, review the future options nearer the time as in my experience the child you have at 7 can be very different to who they are at 13 and very different again to who they are at 17. You may well find that a change later is a very positive thing.

wcg75 Sun 01-May-16 19:36:53

Hi my two boys have just started at Castle court as we relocated. We looked at Dumpton as well but felt that CC was better for our boys. It's a good fit so far and the boys are very happy. My youngest in in reception. If you want any more information feel free to pm me. I got lots of help from mumsnet before making my decision. Good luck with the move

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