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Moving from California - please help!

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CaliMom1 Mon 25-Apr-16 02:00:09

Hello! My husband, 2 children and I are moving this summer to Scotland from California. We are looking at Stirlingshire as a place to settle. Our kids are aged 4 & 7.

What areas - that are good commuting distance to Glasgow - are good for kids? Good schools?

We currently live in a "town" with 1 million people and are looking forward to living somewhere less crowded (but not necessary way out in the country). We would love to live in an area that has a great community feel and plenty of activities for the family.

Also - we are having a hard time finding temporary rental properties (until we buy a house). Can anyone direct me to a website (besides rightmove) with listings?

All help much appreciated!

undecidedvoter Mon 25-Apr-16 22:49:21

You might be better posting again in Scotsnet as the local boards are a bit quiet.

soontobeslendergirl Sat 28-May-16 21:42:21

The Stirling area is great for kids. Handiest for access to the Motorway or trains to Glasgow are Stirling itself, Bridge of Allan and Dunblane.

I'd be happy to help if you want to message me?

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