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The Maynard School - good choice?

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AdviceSeeker8922 Thu 21-Apr-16 14:37:12

We are returning to the UK and Exeter after many years living in the US. I have two daughters aged 11 and 12 and we are considering the Maynard for them. I would be really grateful for any feedback about the school – good or bad, suggestions for alternatives and recommendations on where to live. We are thinking we will rent first in the city but would eventually like to move to one of the surrounding villages.
Thank you in advance!

Exetermummyofgirls Thu 21-Apr-16 21:56:15

Hi Adviceseeker8922. Wanted to reply as we're also considering The Maynard School for our eldest daughter, she is a bit younger than yours but we have been there to look around and really love it - at primary school age our main concern is that she'll be happy at school and their pastoral care seems really excellent. We also know older students there and they are really nice girls and completely love school which is a good sign! It seems that the quality of teaching there is brilliant (according to friends who are parents there). It's either Maynard or our local primary school and we're looking at options at the moment to see if we can afford it. Would also be interested to see what other people think of it.

AdviceSeeker8922 Fri 22-Apr-16 13:58:04

Thank you Exetermummyofgirls that is really good to know. Hoping to get over for a visit really soon.

Exetermummyofgirls Sat 23-Apr-16 23:13:24

No problem, good luck with the move and I hope you find the right school for your daughters.

LocalEditorExeter Tue 26-Apr-16 11:22:05

Hi ladies, hope you don't mind me popping along. We recently held a live Q&A session with the Maynard. Just thought it might interest you in case you haven't seen it yet:

I have a close friend (met through NCT) who went there - she seemed to love it and has turned into a very accomplished young lady. In fact one of the most confident, kind people I know, with a brilliant sense of humour and positive outlook on life. I know it's a bit of a random thing to say, but it's always good to hear about how pupils have got on in life.

Best of luck with your decisions.

TheMaynardSchool Thu 28-Apr-16 10:25:59

Hello AdviceSeeker and Exetermummyofgirls, it's great to read that you are considering The Maynard for your daughters, thank you. Thanks LocalEditor for your comment, it's great to hear nice things about our alumnae!

We always say to people that the best way to really experience what the school is like is to come and visit us - it's such a friendly and caring environment (which people don't always expect with academically selective schools) and you can meet our teachers and the other pupils. (I appreciate this may not be possibly for you at the moment AdviceSeeker!)

We are holding a Pre-Prep Open Afternoon on Thursday 26 May from 2pm which may be appropriate for you Exetermummyofgirls, and a whole school Open Evening on Tuesday 21 June from 5pm - 7pm (Junior School) and 6pm - 8pm (Senior School). However we welcome visits and taster days at any time, to suit you.

If you have any questions about the school, please don't hesitate to contact us on 01392 355998 or

Thank you!

liggylilo Thu 07-Sep-17 11:56:09

My two DDs are there, one from age 13+ (having attended and not liked the local comp) the other from 11+. It has been absolutely wonderful for both of them: the older particularly is genuinely loving 6th form and buzzing about it every day she goes in; the younger is very academic and seems challenged and enthused in all subjects. It is not mega-pushy though the girls do exceptionally well. What I probably like most as a parent is it feels relaxed, happy and a little bit alternative, not at all flash or entitled-feeling. The only downside for us is the distance travelled in, though it is served by public transport and coaches

Jux Thu 28-Sep-17 08:38:50

We have known a couple of girls who went there. They were lovely, intelligent girls, with good MH and great attitude. Its reputation is high.

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