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UHW or Royal Glam?

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jinglebellmel Tue 19-Apr-16 21:00:32

Hi all, hoping you would be kind enough to share your experiences with me of giving birth at Royal Glamorgan. I had my first at UHW (clu due to her being a little early) but have since moved and Royal Glam is now the hospital my community midwives are attached to.
I'd like as natural a birth as possible and have heard that Royal Glam may not be the best place for this as its consultant led. Has anyone given birth here or better still have experience of both Royal Glam and UHW?

brehinesybanedgoffi Fri 22-Apr-16 19:16:24

I dont know what its like now but in the past work colleagues of mine who worked in the medical field chose the glam over uhw despite having to travel.
I know uhw has had a major revamp recently but my babies were all born before that.

leoniethelioness Sat 13-Aug-16 19:02:19

Just wondering if anyone has any more opinions on this?

CottonSock Sat 13-Aug-16 21:25:23

No direct experience, but dh worked in both and rated the glam. I had multiple two at uhw

cardiffmumoftwo Sun 14-Aug-16 04:45:24

I have had my second child in Royal glam and It was a fab place.
I am a medic, live in Cardiff booked in UHW till 30plus week but moved to Royal glam as I was not too impressed with UHW.

MissBeaHaving Sun 14-Aug-16 05:06:53

Had my second child in UHW,induction ,labour & midwifery staff fantastic,couldn't have asked for better.
After delivery everything changed,aftercare & stitching up was an unpleasant experience.

I was not listened to with regard to my birth plan (skin to skin & breast feed) I've been told I basically need re opening & stitching since.
Then moved onto the ward & barely saw anyone even though under a consultant,pain clinic & highly monitored up until induction.
No experience of Royal Glam but wouldn't recommend UHW.

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