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Best and worst Harrow primary schools

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Izzie74 Mon 18-Apr-16 19:39:19

We are moving within Harrow and want a good catchment area for our 15 month old when the time is right. We've been told to avoid Weald schools. Which others are poorly rated and which do you recommend?

dogdaydisaster Tue 26-Apr-16 11:06:55

The sought after schools are generally those in Pinner, Hatch End and North Harrow. Schools generally well thought of are West Lodge, Cannon Lane, Grimsdyke, Longfield, St John Fisher (Catholic), Vaughan, Roxeth, and also good schools though perhaps less sought out include Norbury, Welldon Park and Belmont, Kenmore Park. I don't know that side of Harrow as well though so am not so sure.

Less popular areas are Wealdstone, and to a lesser extent Rayners Lane, although Newton Farm is ridiculously over subscribed.

NewtoHarrow Mon 30-May-16 16:47:47


I moved to London couple of months back and applied to Harrow Primary schools with the same set of school preferences for my two boys - one in Year 3 and the other would be starting reception in Sep 2016.

Year 3 kid is offered place in Roxeth primary and the other kid is offered in Norbury school. I live in Harrow on the hill and can not handle taking the kids to schools in two different directions.

I know that with sibling preference, I can put the kids in waiting list and may soon get both the kids into one school. My question is whether to have both of them in Roxeth or both in Norbury ? The distance from my house is almost the same for both the schools.

I am new here and appreciate any information that could be provided on these schools.

Mil123 Tue 07-Jun-16 08:57:34

Hi I moved to Harrow 5 years ago and in the same situation. Schools can change overtime. I sent my kids to Priestmead primary and was not impressed until a new head teacher came along and he reformed the school and what and amazing school he turned it to. I was so sad when my child left unfortunately she only had a year with him but what a wonderful final year it wAs. Mr hamidi is the head teacher

MargheritaPizza Tue 07-Jun-16 11:35:32

I know the Pinner schools have a good reputation - West Lodge and Cannon Lane in particular. Any property in the catchment areas will be expensive. Also bear in mind that children at Cannon Lane and West Lodge are likely to be tutored and this may improve results (I can't speak about other schools). Not to say they aren't good schools as I believe they are but I am discovering that many children are tutored sometimes from a young age and so that is likely to improve the schools' results. On the other hand I think there is too much emphasis locally on getting children into the 'best' school when actually all the schools locally are good. This can lead to very small catchment areas around these schools and lots of parents driving to school and causing congestion when people move straight out of the area once their eldest child is in the school.

As such, if you want to know which are considered the 'best' schools locally then the 'maximum distance' and the 'sibling places' on the Harrow council schools admission website page is probably a good place to start.

MargheritaPizza Tue 07-Jun-16 11:37:55

southampton2012 Mon 19-Jun-17 01:21:53

Hello Everyone, I am new to this form, I am moving to harrow from Southampton with two kids, my daughter is 6 year and son is 4.5 years. We are considering Roxeth primary School, please share your experience if someone's kid is attending this school, or please suggest any other school in similar area, we are also looking for a school with some focus on children sports activities as well.

Many Thanks
Kind Regards

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