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What's the difference in primaries around Muswell Hill?

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Chrb Sun 17-Apr-16 22:03:50

We are planning to move to Muswell Hill (or maybe Crouch End) for schools in the next half a year and wondered where the differences in the primaries such as Coldfall / Tetherdown / Rhodes Avenue / Muswell Hill / Coleridge really are such as style of the head master, atmosphere, how pushy the school is, extra curr. activities, type of kids going there, outside space etc.
I looked at league tables but that is only one side of the story. Unfortunately all these schools don't offer tours till September to get a feel for them by which we should have moved to be on time for application deadlines. And actually it is not just about finding a school with decent academics, after all we all want the right type school that suit our kids.....
Has anyone maybe visited some of these schools last year in their research tour? Or has kids in one or the other? Or friends that have their kids in one of these schools?

Any help appreciated.
For that matter as well, any good nurseries around Muswell Hill as well?


Vickster99 Mon 18-Apr-16 12:47:46

You should post this on the main mumsnet primry education board as there is more info on Haringey schools there than on this board. Be aware that entry into MH and CE primaries is super difficult and you literally need to live on the doorstep of the school you want.

sallysallyn Mon 18-Apr-16 19:22:01

Hi there Vickster99. I'd love to see the main primary education board with more info on Haringey that you mention but can't find a link to it (am probably being dense!) Can you let me know where we can find it?

Vickster99 Mon 18-Apr-16 19:58:09

Hi sally the link is
If you search for Haringey there are lots of old posts, plus several of the regular posters seem to have local knowledge so if you post a specific question someone will probably reply

kulikova Thu 23-Mar-17 13:12:12

Hi Christine

I appreciate it's an old post but i am in the same position as you were last year. The only difference is I at early stage - about to start looking at properties muzwell hill and crouch end . Which school you ended up choosing ? I can't figure out how to search harringey on the shared link ;( . Thank you for your help in advance !

Garlicansapphire Mon 24-Apr-17 18:44:55

Re needing to live very near by in Muswell hill you can also check how near on the Haringey Council site which will tell you how far the furthest child entrant lived in the last year's entrants. Some years Muswell Hill PS was down to 0.5 of mile.

I'm out of date on local perception of quality re the different schools but they are all pretty good really.

Another factor to bear in mind is secondaries. I think the MH secondaries - Fortismere and APS are more highly rated than the Crouch End ones - and you do need to live near them too.

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