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Relocating to Midlands. Nice places to move to near Coventry. Please advise

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user1460568433 Wed 13-Apr-16 18:50:06

DH got a job in Coventry so we need to relocate from Devon with DC age 10 and 4.
We have no idea about the surrounding villages/towns. I've read here that Leamington, Kenilworth and Warwick are good. DH can commute to work 45 min drive. What are schools like in those areas specially secondary schools. We really need to decide so we can look around for properties in that area. Ideally a family friendly place with community feel and good sports facilities for kids.
Many thanks in advance for any advice. xx

PinkSmiles Tue 28-Aug-18 01:06:42

I live in Coventry (Kenilworth side) and commute to Warwick - easy commute about 20mins in the morning. I would say stick to Kenilworth and leamington for housing - that's where I'd choose if we could afford what I need in these areas.
Stratford-upon-Avon also nice but slightly further away.
Balsall Common a nice very small town, knowle also nice and there are nice villages such as Hampton-in-Arden, claverdon, Henley-in-Arden to name a few.

PinkSmiles Tue 28-Aug-18 01:13:51

Just realised I didn't really answer your questions. I love the community feel in Kenilworth but I don't live there - just wish I did. Small town centre to meet needs, Park, some sports facilities, schools okay and near to bigger towns if needed.

Loads of sports clubs around. Warwick uni have great sports facilities - my Dd goes to athletics club there. Secondary schools in Warwick / leamington reportedly good. My kids a little young for me to comment. There are grammar schools in south Warwickshire, east Warwickshire and Birmingham. Some fantastic independent schools too.

Leamington has some lovely open spaces and parks.

Leamington and Warwick both expanding so there seems to be lots of new builds popping up,

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