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Kids Inc (Beehive Lane) or Treehouse Nursery (Wanstead) (

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MrPatel Sun 10-Apr-16 20:51:56

Hello all,

We're currently looking at nursery options for our little one ahead of my wife going back to work in a few months time - argh!

We've shortlisted the nursery down to two options:-

Kids Inc (Beehive Lane) or TreeHouse (Wanstead).

I'm personally more inclined towards TreeHouse but logistically it might be a nightmare (taking the little one on the train ahead of my commute) and is also slightly more expensive (£120+ per month extra - but we can manage).

Would be great to hear from any parents who have children at either nursery to hear your reviews? All the ones from Google seem to pre-date 2015, so doesn't really give a current view (as things may change within a few years).

We've visited both, but are now torn between the two, hope you can help smile

user1468594353 Mon 17-Jul-17 10:38:59

im a beehive lane mummy and it has done wonders for my DS! he is moving into pre school soon but has been there since 9 months old. please go and pop in to see what the nurseries are like. I saw 3 before I viewed beehive lane and instantly I knew it was the place to send him to the min I walked through the doors.
if you have an specific questions I would be happy to answer! just message me :-)

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