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Bedfordshire mums your suggestions for country pub with garden please

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Babymamamama Sun 10-Apr-16 20:07:11

I'm not local to this area but planning ahead for a summer time family get together and the consensus is that lovely Bedfordshire could the mid point for gathering.
I've checked out tripadvisor and it looks like there are some nice options but would love to hear from local mumsnetters for your suggestions please for a family friendly pub, ideally in a rural ish setting. DD would love a kids play area if possible or if not some garden space to run around. Nice ish food but doesn't have to be too posh- pub grub is fine.

Favouritethings Wed 07-Jun-17 21:07:13

The Crown in Ickwell is superb.. great garden and food

ItWillSoonPass Thu 08-Jun-17 12:37:40

The Chequers at Houghton Conquest has a huge, excellent garden if you have a few children who want to run about. The food is quite nice too and there are plenty of tables outside to suit a large group.

ItWillSoonPass Thu 08-Jun-17 12:38:08

Doh! Just saw the date. I expect you've found somewhere by now blush

guyhigby Fri 14-Jul-17 11:29:02

Not far from Beds, the Bellcote Chesham has a nice little corner for young children to play in, and an outdoor play area too. The menu and service are great.

BlueIsYou Fri 14-Jul-17 11:29:35

Is Luton in Bedfordshire? I'm confused

Longdistance Fri 14-Jul-17 20:46:21

Yes, Luton is in Bedfordshire.

The Chequers in Houghton Conquest is great.

Plentyoffishnets Mon 17-Jul-17 22:26:41

The globe in Leighton buzzard is a great family pub with a play area

Plentyoffishnets Tue 18-Jul-17 18:43:29

Should have said the globe is on the canal so is a lovely setting

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