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Moving to Hampshire/Camberley/Fleet/Sandhurst

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natsTC Thu 07-Apr-16 12:56:56


We are planning a move to Hampshire from Sunbury very soon but really stuck on where to go, everyone has all these stories and everything I am finding seems a little old in regards to info.

We are an easy going lesbian couple with a 5 months old daughter (also planning the next) so nurseries and Infant school is most important to us. We would also like somewhere not to judgemental because of the above. We are not snobby by any means, we want a nice area with a mix of people. I work in Datchet so need to be able to travel back down the M3 or M4 for the time being.

We had a nose around at Camberley, Farnborough, Frimley, Yateley, Sandhurst, Fleet, Church Crookham, Hartley Wintney and Hook to try and get a feel for the place. We plan to also look at Farnham too. I think Lightwater and Bagshot are our of our price range. Hook was far too country for us as was Hartlet Wintney. We are looking for something inbetween I think. Fleet/Church Chrookham was lovely altough the town centre was a little eery and dingy. We drive so not an issue as I know guildford, basingstoke and Camberley are all drivable.

I have been told to steer clear of Farnborough, Aldershot and Blackwater so any other advice against or to support this would be great. I don't want to be on a council estate (I grew up on one so nothing against them just don't want an estate) I know Old dean is a no.

We don't have a fortune to spend but looking up to the 340k mark on a 2-3 bed, preferabley a semi.

I may have rambled a bit but any advice would be greatly appreciated x

CakeAndChocolate Thu 07-Apr-16 13:02:50

Hi, I live in Farnham so know all of those areas you list. Aldershot is ex military town and used to be referred to as "Alder-shit". However, with the military moving out and people increasingly being priced out of Farnham I think it is on the up. There are definitely parts to avoid as a young family, but also some really lovely places. Think you would be ok with your budget too. Farnham tends to be a bit more expensive, but you could get something in North Farnham, or the bit between Farnham and Aldershot. I think your best bet is to just keep doing what you are doing, spend a day or two in each place, driving around, visiting the shops/cafes and see what you think.
Good luck!

natsTC Thu 07-Apr-16 13:10:37

Thank you!

Just such a big decision and scary.

mrsfrazzled Thu 07-Apr-16 13:11:38

I live in Basingstoke, areas are nice, some not so nice!!

natsTC Thu 07-Apr-16 13:27:14

I loved the shopping centre in Basingstoke when I went. Can i assume that by going to view a house in basingstoke I would know if it was the bad area?

CakeAndChocolate Thu 07-Apr-16 14:15:08

In Aldershot I think you would know on sight. I don't know Basingstoke very well.

silverduck Thu 07-Apr-16 14:30:55

If you want decent facilities and good transport links then Basingstoke is good. Most of the houses are on estates though because of the age of the housing. There are some more individual houses nearer the centre. You will know if it's a nice or less nice area. Your money will go a lot further in Basingstoke than the other places you mention, you would get a lovely 3 bed with your budget, probably detached.

Hearditonthegrapevyne Fri 08-Apr-16 00:09:04

Be careful with Basingstoke. There are some crap areas, although the place is coming up with good facilities and a lot of new housing. As with Aldershot I think you will know what the less pleasant areas are on sight though. Kempshott & Oakley are nice. Area near Fairfields school is older with some good housing. Avoid Buckskin & Popley. Just keep visiting. Good luck

RoLoh Fri 08-Apr-16 01:07:38

Hi there. Fleet and Church Crookham are lovely places to live. Sure the town centre is a bit dated but it's a fab area for families. I don't think you'd feel uncomfortable or out of place there, although I can't say for sure.
Maybe try to visit at different times to get a feel for the place?
Not sure about the other areas. Camberley is nice but pricier.

natsTC Fri 08-Apr-16 10:01:57

Thank you everyone smile

I like the idea of Basingstoke but I have to really consider how bad the commute could get for me and getting home to the baby.

I think our top choices are Fleet/Church Chrookham, Yateley and the Frimley end of Camberley altough I am curious as to what Blackwater is like?

I know more about Frimley and Fleet than any of the others and love the fact that there is a carnival each year, as a child we went as a family every year and I loved it. I suppose I will just have to go with where my budget will allow, I will continue my stalking of these areas!

mrsfrazzled Fri 08-Apr-16 11:46:10

We live by the m3 junct 7, there's a new development going up at the moment. I would avoid popley, oakridge, buckskin and some areas of Brighton hill. There's some lovely villages around Basingstoke too

Deedeegil Mon 18-Apr-16 22:51:42

Hi there have you tried areas like bordon haslmere Surrey Liphook Milland Hampshire West Sussex etc
It's wondering as those areas are the ones that have houses in the 300 and something and under areas smile

natsTC Wed 20-Apr-16 15:24:55

Thanks. I think ideally we need to be a bit closer in than that which is why we have ruled out Basingstoke for now along with other areas like Borden. Its just for work, family and freinds etc as don't want to segregate ourselves too much.

We will just have to compromise on the house it seems. At the moment we are leaning towards Frimley or Yateley but still looking at Fleet, Sandhurst and some parts of Camberley (not old dean section or Blackwater) Altough Fleet would probabley be our top choice we don't think we will find house we like enough with our budget.

If anyone has any words of wisdom on Yateley (not heard much mentioned good or bad) or the other areas then please let me know smile

Three4tea Tue 30-Jan-18 13:42:38

What did you decide in the end? Me and my partner are also planning to move to Camberley area- would be interested to hear how it worked out? Hope all is well smile

natsTC Tue 30-Jan-18 14:03:11

Well I ended getting pregnant and having a baby instead lol so we didn't go, he is now 1 years old and the house is on the market, fingers crossed will sell very soon.

Lucky we waited really as I had a pay rise so our budget has increased by about 40k. We are only looking in Yateley, Sandhurst, Frimley and certain areas of Camberley itself. We are just taking drives round when we see something we like, we love Yateley but seems quite close nit not sure how the gay thing with be taken but if I am honest I don't really care.

Farnborough is where a lot in our price range is coming up but we are not keen on it, its just doesn't have much to it when driving round but it also doesn't scream bad. I am told to avoid Totlands and the Hawley Lane estates in Farnborough, Manor Park Drive in Yateley and the old dean in Camberley. My mum works in the area doing home visits so she provides me with a bit of insight and I know soemone who lives Owlsmoor, Sandhurst so I am pulling info where I can.

I will be sure to let you know what we decide on and how the move goes as will be happening this half of the year. Good Luck with your move, are you looking already?

callymarch Thu 08-Feb-18 17:41:38

look at the fleet side of Farnborough. Southwood in particular is lovely, and more house for your money than Fleet, yet can still be in Fleet in 5 mins in car. Nice Morrisons with plenty of free parking too, alongside doctors, dentist, church, preschool and infants school. Very easy access to M3 J4a

Farnborough shopping centre isnt too bad, better in my opinion than Fleet - loads of shops have closed down there. Fleet is a bit 'older generation' (having been born there and now live in Farnborough, parents still live in Fleet). Fleet schools are very good although i believe catchment areas are small and some hard to get into, although there are some good ones in Farnborough too.

Henrysmycat Thu 10-May-18 09:53:34

I live around here, Crawley Ridge in Camberley and worked in Slough. I’d advise on rethinking Bagshot. You’d find something in your budget, 3 bed for less than 400K exist and it’s a quick drive. I’ve done it and people might say “it’s only 10 mins extra drive’’, during rush hour is far longer. From bagshot to Crawley Ridge, it’d take me an extra 30 mins at 5-6pm. I could walk it faster.
I have gay friends with families and most people are fine, maybe because there’s really no community spirit so there’s no involvement in each person’s life. Schools are also great in Bagshot. There’s a tiny high street with cafes and pubs but you’re close to both Windsor, Guildford and London.
Yateley will get you more for your money. It’s more affordable for sure. Never heard anything bad or good, I guess you’d class it as boring in a sense.

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