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Moving to Southbourne

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PaulBrighton333 Wed 30-Mar-16 23:03:08


We have been considering moving to Southbourne, Dorset for some years now. We live in central Brighton and like the idea of getting a garden, being close to the sandy beach and the new Forest. Out on the net there appear to be some degrading comments about the area, especially neighbouring Boscombe and Pokesdown. We have a four year old daughter. Does anyone have any opinions on Southbourne as a place to live and bring up children these days? Thank you for any thoughts here as we will be there on holiday next week to get a feel for the area. Paul.

Pagetta Fri 01-Apr-16 00:21:22

Southbourne is just lovely - great shops / butchers / cafes / bars and only a stones throw from beaches and from bmth

Boscombe and pokesdown aren't great.... but there are always going to be bad pockets!

Try to live near the shopping area or near the cliff top - there are some lurrrrvely places as you get nearer the sea!

Lots going on for mums in Southbourne - a lot of our Nct grp from that way and loved it

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