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Mums to be or new mums in Kirkcaldy

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HFKirkcaldy Tue 08-Mar-16 13:38:59

Hello, I've just moved to the area and hoping to meet new/mums to be! I'm 34 weeks at the moment and just about to go on Maternity leave. Hope to hear from you soon! smile

socktastic Sun 10-Apr-16 10:22:08

Hey, just found the thread. I'm also in Kirkcaldy, we moved here a year and a half ago but other than work acquaintances and a couple of old school pals, I've not really a managed to meet anyone either. Have you had your wee one yet? I'm just at 28 weeks so still have some ways to go. Back to work on Monday then off for mat leave after the June long weekend. X

HFKirkcaldy Sun 10-Apr-16 11:17:14

Hey! Lovely to hear from you, she's due next Sat but no sign yet! Getting impatient now! Ooh I bet you're looking forward to Mat leave! X

socktastic Sun 10-Apr-16 12:30:46

It still seems like forever away! Are you still keeping well?

HFKirkcaldy Sun 10-Apr-16 17:41:14

Yes been keeping really well apart from some pelvis pain! How about you?

socktastic Sun 10-Apr-16 19:16:01

Pretty much the same. Pelvis pain is horrible! Is this your first?

Stephiezoe1994 Wed 01-May-19 07:48:39

Hi, just wondering whether you managed to meet anyone in Kirkcaldy? I know this is quite an old post but I have a three and a half year old little boy and really hoping to meet some mum's in the area. I live here with my son and moved from England last year. Other than acquaintances I haven't managed to make any close friends, feel free to contact me smile my son and I enjoy doing a range of activities together but would be nice to meet another mum to have a chat with. We like going to wonderworld quite a lot, the deer centre and also visits to the park.

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