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zoeypoey Sat 05-Mar-16 20:46:41

I'm due to return to work in April, when my other half is going to take over the weekday child care. Are there any dad groups in the Bury area? Think he's a bit intimidated by some of the baby groups. Oh and any ideas for me to help train him up.

flossiteacake Fri 07-Apr-17 09:36:03

There is a playgroup aimed at Dads twice a month in Ramsbottom, called Dad's Zoo. It's been run by St Andrews church (4th Saturday of the month), and the Pentecostal church (2nd Saturday) since the children's centre was closed. Its at the weekend tho, so presumably not what you're after? Alternatively the playgroup we go to has a number of Dads (and even one Granddad) there, so your partner may find that some of the playgroups near you have the right mix so he doesn't feel like the odd one out!!

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