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Parents of Toddlers with Autism?

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RumplestiltskinMissGold Thu 03-Mar-16 23:09:43

Anyone the parent of a toddler with autism in East Belfast or Belfast in general? If so could you reccomend any good groups or speech therapists? Having a hard time tracking down anything. sad

BelfastLocalEditor Sun 13-Mar-16 02:22:10

Hi RumplestiltskinMissGold

Have you tried Helping Hands?

There is also an excellent theatre company that specialises in work for younger audiences including those with autism, called Replay. They are based on Newtownards Road and while they are not a toddler group they do often run workshops and have shows:

I hope you find something suitable very soon. Please come back to us and let us know what you find!

LCPBelfast Fri 01-Apr-16 14:50:35

The London Children’s Practice is a renowned clinic based in central London
offering comprehensive Speech and Language Therapy assessment, diagnostic and intervention service for families with children requiring any level of additional support. LCP is now expanding to Belfast, providing support and therapy in both homes and schools for children and families in Northern Ireland.

At LCP Belfast our vision is to work with children’s individual needs and support families in overcoming challenges to see children reach their potential and confidently develop and pursue their ambitions.

Contact us:

cankles Thu 07-Apr-16 22:51:15

Autism Ni Parent Support Group, in East Belfast, held in (I think) Willowfield Church. Ring Autism NI 028 90 401729. They also have a fb page. They meet on a Monday morning (not sure how often)

Belfastgal1234 Wed 17-May-17 07:09:40

You could try Sensations NI on tHe Montgomery Road. They have a speech and language therapIstore, psychologist specialist teachers and it's a not for profit organisation... They are all really friendly and great with the kids

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