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spracks Thu 03-Mar-16 00:36:16

Hi, I'm a 43 yr old mum to 3 kids - a boy of 7.5yrs and two girls of 4yrs and 8 weeks respectively. I'm on maternity leave and after hibernating since baby arrived, I now need to get out and about. I'm interested in meeting up with other mums of any vintage for cuppas, (the odd glass of vino collapso), trips to park, soft play etc. Anyhoo if you're interested drop me a message.x

Laura48 Fri 04-Mar-16 18:27:04

Hello! I have 2 boys 7 and 5 always lived in Eastleigh but most of my friends don't have kids so always looking to meet new friends for kids and for me as well! I'm 34 and if interested in chatting and or meet up let me know!

spracks Tue 08-Mar-16 18:08:54

hi Laura, thanks for your reply and apologies for my belated reply. I didn't realise there are separate inboxes for the friendship bench and group meetups so only just spotted your message - duh! I'd be very happy to chat but would love to meetup as I need to get my post-pregnancy body off the sofa! I am off work at the moment so free during the week but maybe you aren't? The benefit of a meet up without the big kids is it would be nice to start and finish a sentence! but equally happy to have a play date at weekend. Anyhoo let me know if you fancy it,. Fran x

GimGem Sat 30-Apr-16 08:59:06

Hi there. Just seen this. I have a girl aged 8 and a boy aged 3.5 years. If you're still looking for some Mums to meet up with then give me a shout! 😃😃

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