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Albertine130 Tue 01-Mar-16 15:02:39

Does anyone have any experiences of either Tara House Nursery, Maggie and Rose, Beanstalk or Willow Tree please? Good bad or ugly?


AlexTrebek Mon 21-Mar-16 22:25:24

My DS is at Beanstalk. The staff are lovely and very warm, and they genuinely seem to care about the kids. They always have a nice range of very appealing hands-on activities set up for the kids, the type of stuff I should do more of at home but don't, like painting, sand, glue, playdough, etc. The outside space is quite nice compared to other nurseries in the area.

In terms of negatives, well to start with I've never met the principal. She is literally never there. Also, as warm and loving as the staff are, I'm not sure they are all as educated or well-versed in child development as they might be. The atmosphere is very informal and free-flowing, which is nice but I think the program might benefit from a bit more thoughtful planning. I personally don't wang a huge focus on academics at that she, but I wouldn't mind a but more prep for reception.

AlexTrebek Mon 21-Mar-16 22:28:51

Also I've got 2 friends with children at Tara House. One absolutely loves it and the other likes it quite a bit. Sorry nothing more substantive.

Richford Mon 28-Mar-16 18:40:26

Thanks so much for your input - much appreciated.

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