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Fitness Classes with Creche in Ayr

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FKJD Sun 21-Feb-16 20:51:59

Hi All, just wanted to make you aware of fitness classes in Ayr that I go to that have started a crèche. Thought some of you might be interested - being able to get fitness in during the day works best for me as evenings always tied up with kids' activities - glorified taxi :-) Classes are on Tues, Wed and Fri mornings 9.30am - Tues CardioBox, Wed & Fri Zumba - all at Castlehill Church, Ayr. Creche has lovely ladies, all childcare qualified. Instructor is Kirsty - you can get her at 07815 740306

RachaelFinley Fri 02-Sep-16 09:05:18

Hi! I've just joined mumsnet so have only just seen this. Sounds perfect! I'm new to the area and will be off work on Tuesday's and Friday's so something like this would be fab! I'm going to enquire today!

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