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Melcombe or Queens Manor

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GoodEnoughMumsClub Sun 21-Feb-16 17:19:34

Hi all - we're about to move and will be equal distance between Melcombe and Queen's Manor. Any thoughts on either?

Melcombe has much better results (league tables and offsted) but I've heard it might not be as friendly. As my daughter will be moving in the middle of year 2 - I'm hoping for somewhere that will help her settle.

Any parental experience positive or negative?

Twinklecomic Sat 23-Apr-16 21:59:27

Hi there

Good personal feedback for you re Queens Manor. Moved my child from a "highly desirable" school in the borough, in the middle of Year 4 until the end of Year 6, to Queens Manor, and it was the best one and a half years of this child's school life. We may have been lucky, it was a stellar year with some amazing, kind smart inclusive parents and similar kids, (there is a huge element of luck with these things) but I thought Queens Manor was great. My child's confidence was on the ground before she went there and she became a different child. She did really well academically too.

FulhamParent Fri 18-Aug-17 16:17:43

Our children all went to Melcombe and it really is an excellent school. We have recommended friends send their children when there have been issues at other schools (including Queens Manor) and they have all been very pleased with the change.

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