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relocating & need school advice 5+11yo

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bluestar79 Sun 14-Feb-16 18:26:33

My family are relocating due to work from Manchester to Anglesey (work in Bangor). We have family on Anglesey but none with children needing to go to high school. Our niece goes to Benllech.
My sisters children all went to David Hughes but had issues and Friars in Bangor had been suggested and then a local said it wasn't so good.

Basically we are overwhelmed by possibilities and would really appreciate some advice especially from locals.

We are renting initially before settling on an area that suits us.
Many thanks

Gallievans Sat 13-Aug-16 15:32:32

Hi not sure where you are now as only just found this. My DD is in Friars (having been moved there from the local Welsh lang school) and I can't fault it. Depends really on your child's nature and what they are used to. Friars is large (1,300) but has a good staff/pupil ratio and good facilities.

CatBobby Sat 13-Aug-16 22:52:53

My eldest has just finished at Friars. I can't fault it either, yes the Head is strict on uniform/appearance but other than that it is a good school. My dd went through some serious mental health issues and the support we had from pastoral care and her head of year was exceptional. It is a big school, I have heard reports of quite a large bullying problem at David Hughes but only third hand. Good luck with your move.

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