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Huddersfield - Need activity suggestions please

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MrsW105 Fri 22-Jan-16 13:48:46

Hi all,

I live in Huddersfield with my son (17m) and my husband. My husband works alternate weekends and I often find myself at a loss of things to do just me and my son when it's just us.

I have a bit of a fear of playgyms so tend not to go to them but I really need to get over it. I guess I just get nervous just me and him.

Any suggestions on activities for us both this weekend? I drive, but prefer not to go too far. We live nr Ainley Top.

Thanks smile

PrincessMouse Sat 30-Jan-16 11:24:45

Hi Mrs W

We live near Ainley Top and have a 2 year old. There is a really lovely and friendly under 6 only play gym in Elland. It has a maximum capacity of 20 children. So it doesn't get crazy. Everything in there is tailored to toddlers. It's really clean and friendly. Because of the design you can see the kids from any angle.

The play gym is called Sunny Gym. There is parking right outside.


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