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Relocating to Southsea

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bookishmama Fri 22-Jan-16 10:12:00

Dear all,

I'm after some advice from anyone who lives in Southsea.

We will be possibly moving to the area in the near future and would greatly appreciate any information anyone is willing to share on the area.
We don't know anything about area, and I am bit nervous about the relocating.

We have a child who is currently in year 3 and would welcome any feedback on the reputation of the local schools.

Also are there any areas around Southsea that should be avoided?
Medical and dental care?
Activities for children? Sport opportunities?
Tuition (music, languages?)
What is the community like?
Shopping convenience?
Commuting to London?
Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

CC77 Tue 16-Feb-16 06:44:01

Congratulations on your immiment move. Southsea is a lovely area, and there is a lot to do with children. In terms of areas that should be avoided, there isn't anywhere within Southsea but Somerstown is considered not as nice. Shopping-wise, there is a little high street that has some nice quality shops eg John Lewis (impressive given the size of the high street), so you might find it handy to be located near there.

Commuting to London is simple enough as there are direct trains to London Waterloo and Victoria very regularly. I'd caution against commuting there everyday though as I did this for 6 months and it's a pretty long journey and the trains are never 100% reliable.

For children, like most places you'll find clubs offering ballet, football, martial arts, swimming, etc and many schools offer some good after school activity clubs of their own. Language lessons I have to say I've been looking for for years and haven't found anything for school age children, although there are various pre-school groups. Music lessons are offered through most schools, and if you ask in a local music shop (e.g. the piano shop on Albert rd) they'll recommend tutors.

Parking is mostly on street, and I'd say take into account that if you buy property anywhere near the football ground then you will find it tricky to park on match days. Having a garage adds a significant amount onto the price of a house down here!

Junior schools are mostly good I think. Mine go to Craneswater and absolutely love it.

Good luck!

LME1 Tue 16-Feb-16 14:27:46

Hi, I have to echo all of the above.

There are lots of good junior schools in the area, I can't think of any with bad reputations in Southsea. Senior schools maybe not quite as good looking from an outside view so that's one to research based on the individual child. My children go to Mayville High School (yr 3 and 5) which us right in Southsea.

We live in Milton which is part of Southsea but not right next to the sea, still a nice part if town and relatively quiet.

Sticking to where is officially Southsea will be fine, you just need to be more careful with the Portsmouth areas (feel free to ask if you have any specific questions ).

bookishmama Wed 17-Feb-16 15:54:00

Thank you so much CC77 and LME1 for your kind replays. I am feeling less anxious about relocating, knowing that there are kind people like you in Southsea.
We went to see one house last weekend and the bedrooms were absolutely tiny. I have started to think that the ground floor flat with garden could be a better option as they seem to be more spacious.
My husband will be commuting to London by car, and he would find it really upsetting coming home and not being able to find a parking space.
We are considering Alverstoke as an alternative, but that whole area seems a bite desolated to me.
My son is attending a good school currently. They provide guitar lessons. He is attending a French after school club, which is run by two lovely French ladies. w
We would like to move the the coast, but there are so many things to consider.
Thank you so much again. Any piece of advice would be highly appreciated.

bookishmama Wed 17-Feb-16 20:31:23

Sorry, I have made a spelling mistake in a previous post. It was meant to say:"Thank you so much CC77 and LME1 for your kind replies."

LME1 Wed 17-Feb-16 20:47:03

There are so many opportunities here for children's activities so you would definitely be ok from that respect. Any questions please just pm me. I would say the Gosport traffic is a nightmare as one road on and out so that could be quite difficult.

Flats in Southsea are a great option as they are often really spacious. Worth looking at Milton and Eastney as you get a bit more for your money. Parking not as bad as right in Southsea but depends on the road.

bookishmama Thu 18-Feb-16 22:50:43

Thank you so much LME2 for your kindness.
I am trying to arrange few house viewings for the next few days.
Hopefully the weather will be nice enough to have a little walk through the town.

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