Clueless Southerner - nice areas of Wakefield?

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TravelSuper Thu 14-Jan-16 13:33:49

Hi all, could anyone advise on what they think are the nice parts of Wakefield? I'm moving to Yorkshire with a young family so interested in schools, playgroups, mum's groups, transport links, coffee shops etc!!! Considering Wakefield as an alternative to living in Leeds. Thanks so much in advance for any thoughts! :-)

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nataliefruit Wed 20-Jan-16 21:09:22

Hi TravelSuper,

Welcome to Yorkshire! Depends on you I'm many ways what it budget is, how close you'd like to be to town etc. I've found new millerdam & the surrounding areas to be lovely as is flockton and horbury. They're all a little while out of the city but with good bus links to the centre it doesn't feel like a million miles away. Horbury in particular has lots of young families so seems to have good playground etc.

Good luck with your search smile

abixmumof2 Fri 29-Jan-16 12:59:45

I moved to Wakefield in July last year with a young family.
We live in Ossett, which is lovely. The areas mentioned above are very good too.

jaxilon Wed 30-May-18 14:56:25

I seem unable to start a new thread as it keeps saying I have an unrecognised location ..I live in Blackpool and am not used to mumsnet so no clue what I am doing wrong! :-)
I have a 9 year old and also a 21 year old currently at Lancaster Uni but will be living with us when he finishes and depending on the time of the move, maybe full time as he does now.
My OH starts work between Huddersfield and Wakefield on Monday and we are looking at houses in a nice area but with a bit more to do than just a couple of pubs!

Any help would be extremely grateful!

Thank you

escape Mon 04-Jun-18 14:45:37

Hey Jax,
Where is your 9 year old going to school ?

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