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smckissi Tue 12-Jan-16 16:24:39

A very Happy New Year
My name is Sarah and I am a local mum and fully insured and trained mobile Reflexologist who specialises in Maternity, Fertility and Spinal Reflexology. Reflexology is an effective complementary therapy treating the whole body, by applying gentle pressure to specific points on the feet or hands helps stimulate the body’s own healing mechanism and assists in bringing it back to its natural state of health. A treatment can be effective in eliminating toxins, improving circulation, reducing stress and inducing deep relaxation.
It has also been shown to be effective for:
Backpain, Migraines, Infertility, Arthritis, Hormonal imbalances (PMT),Menopause, Digestive disorders (IBS), Stress-related conditions and sleep disorders.
Maternity Reflexology
Reflexology is very beneficial in pregnancy, during this time it helps mothers-to-be cope with morning sickness, back ache, swollen ankles and the other inconveniences of pregnancy. Many mothers report easier labour and birthing when they have had Reflexology treatments during their pregnancy.
Fertility Reflexology Reflexology can also be very beneficial when trying to conceive as it can help balance hormones and reduce stress.
So if you are interested in a treatment that will leave you completely relaxed and stress free in the comfort of your home please do contact me on 01189798501 / 07770447961 or email me on

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