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Baby groups in market Harborough

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harboromummy Fri 25-Dec-15 19:09:27

Does anyone know of any?

We are moving in March and I will be 5 months pregnant.


Nottsmove16 Wed 30-Dec-15 20:26:49

Loads- it is great.

Look up baby sensory ( see Facebook) tumble tots, swimming lessons, baby massage, mini mischiefs, Harborough leisure centre, swimming lessons eg aqua vie, caterpillar music, groups at the library , the angel hotel used to have a baby group, most churches have a baby group /messy play, .... The list is huge! Is a lovely lovely place to love. Fab playground

Nottsmove16 Fri 01-Jan-16 18:04:52

Mini mischiefs soft play have baby rooms and also posters for other groups and baby massage/ yoga etc.
Good luck with move- it is lovely place

Una coales ? I think does pregnancy yoga classes where you might meet people and there are NCT courses and weekends held nearby eg church Langton to get into a group of mums.

Good luck with the move x

harboromummy Fri 01-Jan-16 18:19:18

Brilliant thank you.

I was looking at the mini mischiefs, I read about the breastfeeding group? I'm thinking of going along before baby is born.

Thanks again x

SatsumasRock Wed 13-Jan-16 19:13:55

Join this Facebook group I think they have a pinned post with all the groups. There's absolutely loads though.

nicolaarnett Tue 16-Feb-16 14:49:28

I am the local NCT teacher and the next Antenatal course starts on 2nd March in Church langton (5 mins drive from Harborough).

I also teach NCT pregnancy yoga Sunday evenings in Kibworth. Both currently have spaces.

The NCT bumps and Babies is on Fridays at Mini Mischiefs runs during term time at 10-30-11-45. Hope to see you soon. Nicola

happyhappy123 Sat 26-Nov-16 21:23:32

I know this thread is from a while ago, but have a look at Baby Alchemy; very relaxing pregnancy massage & we enjoyed the baby massage course too loads!

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