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Advice please ladies!:)

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DelilahGrace6 Mon 21-Dec-15 18:02:05

I love traveling and I've always dreamed of exploring with my sons and husband in the future! Now I have a wonderful son and a lovely husband but the problem is, recently I've started to feel a little bullied. I'll bring up things (family holidays, the wedding reception we are meant to be planning) and he just acts interested so I get all excited thinking we are actually getting somewhere and then he'll lose interest and eventually tell me to shut up. His reason for not wanting to go on a family holiday is he doesn't like heat or accents he doesn't understand and anything he can do there, he can do here and that really just spoils it for me. sad I'm really down about it and I don't know if I'm over exaggerating. Thanks guys x

Yarrum Tue 25-Jul-17 19:39:25

Oh thats sad 🙁 is there anyway you'd go on your own with your son? Hopefully he may decide to bite the bullet and go with you, if not, enjoy!

We are in control of our own happiness 😊

boobymama Tue 01-Aug-17 16:22:54

OMG! Im exactly the same but my husband wont leave the budgie!!!!!


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