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Things to do with a 3 yr old and family over xmas hols in Yorkshire - HELP!!!

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ThingsToDoWithTheKidsInKent Fri 18-Dec-15 12:07:31

Hi all!

I'm originally from Yorkshire, but now live in Kent. I'm visiting my parents in Yorkshire with my husband and 3 yr old son for a couple of days for Christmas. It would be nice for us to go out and do something on 28th December. But as I've not lived in Yorkshire for a few years I've no idea what we can do on that date that's suitable for a 3 yr old.

Any suggestions would be gratefully received (except panto's - 3 yr old does not have the attention span to sit still for a couple of hours through a show!)

My 3 yr old particularly loves trains if anyone knows of any train-related events? But any suggestions in any Yorkshire county are good. Thanks!

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