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What's it like living in Lilliput?

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MrsD00 Tue 15-Dec-15 11:13:13

Hello, we are thinking of moving to Lilliput with our 23 month old son next year. We'll be relocating from London where we'll be leaving behind a really close-knit & supportive local community. Naturally we're feeling nervous about leaving it all behind so are hoping some of you could give us some insight into local life. What's it like? :-)

Pagetta Mon 21-Dec-15 16:32:27

lilliput is lovely - lots of cafes nearby, near to ashley cross for a few drinks, and really near to some amazing beaches. there are lots of mum/toddler groups and activities in the area, and a lot of young families move there - its where we'd love to move to (if we could!)
There's also great public transport, and the primary school is the best in the area! Traffic in and out potentially annoying in summer as its on the road through to sandbanks, but depends where abouts you are :-)

MrsD00 Wed 17-Feb-16 18:56:35

Thanks Pagetta! I've only just spotted your kind reply :-) it's just what I was hoping to hear especially now the move is becoming closer to reality! Can't wait to get down there now!

FauxFox Sun 28-Feb-16 11:40:42

Lilliput school is also amazing - your son will love it smile For pre-school there is a gorgeous play school in the grounds of Compton Acres, I think it's called wise owls? The mums sometimes stop in the cafe after drop off so lots of opportunity to make some new friends.

MrsD00 Thu 17-Mar-16 00:26:21

Thanks for the tips FauxFox! I've just looked up Wise Owls & it does indeed look gorgeous, am so excited for my son to have all this loveliness coming his way :-)))

Tlenny Fri 11-Oct-19 21:58:26

@MrsD00 did you move down to Lilliput In the end? We are thinking of moving down next summer and I’m so nervous as also leaving behind a great community and friends. Secondary school is not good here in Brighton and hubby is a sailor so wants to move. I have a 9 year old 6 year old and a 2 year old. Would love to know how you found it. Thank you x

MrsD00 Thu 24-Oct-19 11:29:16

Hi Tlenny, sorry for the delay the notification was in my junk mail. We did indeed move to Lilliput, 3.5 years ago now! We haven’t looked back. It’s a wonderful place to live and the whole family is settled & thriving. Our son goes to Lilliput school and we’ve all made great friendships. I met a mum recently who relocated from London 4 months ago with boys similar in age to your older children and she said they’ve settled in at new schools and made new friends. Brighton is great for shopping and we definitely can’t compete on that front, however the glorious sandy beaches certainly can’t be beaten. Good luck with your decisions & your move, if you decide to come. :-)

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