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Stress Incontinent + active? Want to be more active? Tester needed....

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Pants2Go Wed 09-Dec-15 10:18:15

Hi - I need two ladies who live with stress incontinence and are active (so already doing, or wanting to start to jog, do aerobics, walk, dance etc) to test prototype washable shorts. Any age, preferably fed up with having to wear pads when active so medium to heavy output - like me. I have designed underwear and shorts to enable me and others to exercise with confidence using sustainable protection rather than throw away pads, but need ladies to test these garments and give feedback before going further with them. If you are interested, please email me in confidence for more details.
Incidentally, I have just had the TVT (tape) operation yesterday so in 8 weeks may suffer less leakage when I start to run again! So far so good..... To give you an idea, I leak around 200-300 ml often, when running for 1 hr 15 mins! Marathons are always a challenge to keep protected and tri/duathlons can be embarrassing, but I'd rather be active and damp/not very nice to be near than stop doing things.

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