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Haxby Road Academy

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Backupnorth1 Sat 05-Dec-15 21:47:38

Hi Ladies
I wonder if anyone can help me?
We are moving to York next year and have seen a lovely house off Huntington road which is in the Haxby Road Academy catchment. Research shows that the school has been through a tough time. I wondered if anyone has knowledge of it as it is now. I know that it takes time for schools to turn things around and my daughter is only 6 months old. Does it seem to be going in the right direction now? Have there been positive changes? The house we are looking at is big enough to be for the long term so would not want to move again in a few years. I am a teacher and know that Ofsted can be unfair/misleading.
Should we just look at another area of York?
Or is it possible to get into nearby schools as this house is very near Yearsley and Park Grove too.
Would love some honest opinions x

makesomenoise Sun 13-Dec-15 16:57:40

Big improvements in Haxby road academy since it became an academy, the headteacher is fantastic. Theres great facilities and opportunities for kids. There is a larger than average intake of kids from low income families and so they actively work to engage these families/kids (eg free breakfast clubs etc). There are a higher number of kids with social issues and difficult backgrounds, sometimes this has a big influence on the class, this is class dependent.
Park Grove is well thought of, non uniform, I have friends there from outside of the catchment. I know someone whose catchment is Huntington (good school) but they didn't get in so got Park Grove and are happy with it. Other friends in that area have applied for Yearsley Grove out of catchment because they liked it and this has a different feel again to the others.
So - short of it - I'd go look round if possible before you make an offer. The schools are all fine, but may or may not be what you are looking for.

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