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Moving to Shrewsbury?

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Shrewsnewbie Mon 30-Nov-15 17:57:03

We're thinking of moving to Shrewsbury from London and wondered if anyone has any advice? We have two boys (5&8) Is there enough to do locally for kids and teenagers (thinking ahead..). Has anyone else made the relocation from urban to market town and survived? Any tips would be very welcome! Nervous..

alibongo5 Sat 12-Dec-15 15:57:33

Hi - I did this nearly 25 years ago! Shrewsbury is lovely - a nice size with most facilities (I can't think of anything that's lacking anyway).

We live in a village not far out from it and luckily taxis aren't expensive - when they become teenagers they want to stay out late and our buses finish at 6! Public transport is expensive though. My kids seemed to find plenty to do when they were growing up though they do now complain about the nightlife in town but there does seem to be a few clubs for them.

There's plenty of nice restaurants and pubs. And it's close to the motorway network to get around the country. And Birmingham, Liverpool and Manchester are all reasonably easy to get to for gigs, trips out etc. Wales is nice to visit too.

Let me know if there's anything specifically you want to know.

BigRedMonkey Thu 17-Mar-16 12:00:17


Not sure if you've made your decision yet but I'll reply anyway!

I moved from North London to Shrewsbury about 15 years ago and I love it here. Lots of things for children to do both indoors and outdoors. I'd recommend being within walking distance of the town centre and potential secondary schools. Traffic is far lighter than anything down south but public transport isn't as plentiful.

The only thing I've ever missed is some of the major London attractions like the museums and galleries but if you've got friends or family down there you could stay with on your return you can still do all that.

Feel free to message me directly with any other questions.

ShrewLass Sat 14-Jan-17 12:36:02

Hi, I cant comment on the moving from an urban place to a market town bit as I have lived in Shrewsbury my whole life. However I think it is a lovely town and I loved growing up here. There are plenty of good schools, the Sixth Form is very good here. The music, art and food scene is vibrant here. There are things to do in town but equally we are so near to beautiful countryside too. If I have a desire to sample city life I get a train to Chester or Birmingham. I think it is a great place to bring up children.

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