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Fledglings or Third Door Nursery? Opinions Please!! [smile]

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Bellseybub Tue 03-Nov-15 17:17:15

Hi All

I have been trying to find a nursery within the Putney / Wimbledon / Bishops Park vicinity that does half days which has been no mean feat. I have been to visit Fledglings Nursery and am due to see Third Door. Having had my fingers burned once with a totally different nursery that raised a few alarming issues (leaving the children crying hysterically on their own), I wondered if anyone had experience of these particular nurseries and how you found them, as I want to make sure I make a good choice this time. I am looking for a nursery where the children will be treated with love and comfort at times of need and where they are happy. I am also interested in how they fill their day (i.e. are they stimulated?). Your feedback is really appreciated!!!

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