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I really need some advice; child abuse

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LoveJoyPeace Mon 02-Nov-15 07:57:17

Hello, I really need to remain anonymous so Im going to try to give details without giving too much away. Im certain the people Ill be talking about shouldnt or wouldnt even care enough about their children to join a site like mumsnet anyway, but you never know.

I know of a family who is known to social services and are possibly being investigated already. I know there are 6 children in the family, possibly one on the way. The children are ages 16, 15, 11, 10, 7, 5... or there abouts, Im not certain about the exact ages of the youngest. The 11 year old is severely disabled, can walk, with assistance, but cannot communicate. The mother has a new boyfriend, her previous partner(father of youngest 2) is in jail for threatening her (he was caught with a knife by her house). The very sad thing is that the new boyfriend is actually worse than the previous.

I know one of the children has had sex with one of the mother's boyfriend's friends. The mother doesnt know this, and if she found out the child would be in physical danger. The sex was initially consentual but she regretted it after, very confused child (teen, underage). With this knowledge I suspect that it is highly likely that the men she has in her house could be abusing the other children too. I have to report this but I cannot let it come to light that it was me. The child would be in serious danger if she were to be cut off from me. Im trying to be as vague as possible. If i give any details to SS they would know it was me. Im very easily identifiable.

I know there is threat of physical violence to all of the children and that the younger children are living in fear and are beginning to exhibit odd behaviour.

There are drugs involved. Weed. Selling and using. Alcohol. This mother is very manipulative. Ive known her for a long time and she basically thinks Im stupid and naive, and I want to keep it that way. I know one of her children very well and this child in particular is like one of my own.

Ive spoken to nspcc for advice, gave no identifiable details. I kind of have a plan of action Im about to implement but I wanted advice about it.

I plan on contacting ss myself, I also want to anonymously contact the youngest children's school alerting them, bringing it to their attention that these children are being abused. I want to be very sneaky about this and confuse the mum if she gets hold of any information. I want to tell, lie to, the school that I have a child who goes there, that I know the people this mum is hanging around, that there are rumours that one of the children is being sexually abused. This isnt a lie, not really, bc the girl was basically groomed by this man (mum's friend's boyfriend). He told her not to tell anyone bc he'd 'get done'.

Does that sound too dodgy? I have to keep the mother thinking it couldnt possibly be me. Im a christian, I couldnt lie!

Im also thinking about contacting the police anonymously about the young man who's had sex with the minor seperately. He's on probation as it is and my hope is that it would be investigated, in their hands.

The problem I have is that if nothing is done and the mum convinces ss that nothing untoward is going on in her home, she finds out her child has had sex, that child has said she fears for her physical safety. The boyfriend has threatened her with physical violence, the girl has text messages to prove it. He turned up at her house with a baseball bat after threatening her with it. His mother threatened her saying 'Im not like [my son]. I wont stop til Ive beaten you to a bloody pulp.

Im assuming people like this dont care enough about their kids to be part of a site like mumsnet. However there may be other mums in my area who are. This has to remain anonymous.

I just needed somewhere to bounce my thoughts off of. I welcome any advice at all. Seriously and graciously appreciate it.

Thank you

LoveJoyPeace Mon 02-Nov-15 08:07:31

Sorry, I dont know how to edit messages. I wanted to add that whenever ss investigate this woman they warn her they're coming around! She plays helpless and says 'Im just trying SO hard', and she's not. The oldest are raising the younger ones. Bathing them, feeding them, getting them from school even. The mum is so freaking crafty!

Now, Ive had a different friend who was investigated by ss. Her child became severely mentally ill, developed psychosis, displayed schizophrenic behaviour. Someone from church contacted SS on her and they investigated her like Ive never heard of before! This mother went to the dr, the children were well looked after. She homeschooled them, but other than that they werent that 'wierd'. SS were in their home every day for weeks! They investigated this family the way the family above should be but they keep closing the case on her! Im so afraid the same thing will happen again and this new boyfriend has a huge network of drug dealer and violent friends and family that these children are genuinely not safe!

Rant over, thank you again.

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