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Infant needed for observation required in MA Music Therapy training

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cheongxy Sun 25-Oct-15 22:27:23

Dear parents,

My name is Xing Yi and I am from Malaysia. I am a music therapy student at Anglia Ruskin University. My course requires me to do a weekly infant observation for 6 to 8 weeks, 1 hour for each session. We are required to find a family that we do not know, all sorts of family structures are fine. The baby should not be more than 14 months old. Family daily routine should carry on as usual during the observation. The purposes of the observation are:

- to observe the development of the infant's skills (movement, motor skills, co-ordination, communication etc.)
- to observe the developing of relationship between mother and child (how they communicate and interact with each other non-verbally) that results in a style of attachment.
- and also to develop my own capacity of observation

All informations from the observation will retain confidential, it will only be used in professionals training. Also, a supporting letter from Anglia Ruskin University will be provided to introduce me to the family who are interested.

For those who are interested for more details, this is my email
Your contribution to my training is very much appreciated. Thank you.

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