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Antenatal classes

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JoHo8 Sun 25-Oct-15 17:06:12

Hi mommas

I pregnant with miracle baby number 1 - and trying my best to navigate through options for antenatal classes - which is a lot trickier than I set myself up for...

So hoping for some experienced momma advice!

We're based in Tulse Hill, SE24. So realistically would be accessing Herne Hill, West Norwood, Clapham, Brixton or East Dulwich for classes.

I've come across NHS, NCT, Bump and Baby, hypnobirthing...

At the moment I don't know if we'll be lucky enough to have a natural birth as I've got a low lying placenta, although of course it could always move up.. fingers crossed! If we did go natural, i'd so much love to go med free, in which case I'm told hypnobirthing is useful to learn about. But then theres the next question, what kind of hypnobirthing to go with??! Other than that, i don't really know what I need to learn about - i'd hazard a guess at birthing techniques, breast feeding, baby first aid..! Not sure what else!

I know lots of people do classes to make friends - i cant work out if this is important to me or not, as we're thinking of moving away from the area altogther when our newborn is 6 months old.

And then theres the whole, do it all in one weekend option or spread it out weekly. I'm thinking spread it out weekly would be good for avoiding information overload. But then again, the nearest NCT classes i've found out about start at 6.30pm and last for 3 hours which frankly exhausts me just thinking about!

Also everything is so expensive!! So needing to make sensible choices!

Could you guys share your thoughts and experiences? What did you choose to do and why? Did you make the right decision? What would I usefully be thinking about to narrow down my options?

Thanks loads! X J

JoHo8 Sun 25-Oct-15 17:07:03

Should have also said, I'd be wanting to participate in classes with my lovely partner too.

LocalEditorLambeth Sat 07-Nov-15 08:41:23

Hi there and many congratulations! We did NCT classes when I was pregnant with my daughter (now three). It was great for making friends and was a fantastic support network during maternity leave. However, I did find that once people started going back to work (some sooner than others of course) things did fizzle out a little bit. And I think living in London makes it more likely that people will move away anyway.

I found going out to play groups and similar activities just as useful for making friends with other parents (usually mums!) - it depends where you are moving to on how much there is around of course! And whether you need to pay - I found a huge choice around Kennington/Oval/Vauxhall and made very good use of groups at children's centres and libraries (and still do!) which don't cost anything.

Sorry for the waffle (up early watching Peppa Pig!) but in short I suppose I am trying to say that don't base your choice solely on the making friends aspect.

We did NCT spread over a few weeks in the evenings and I struggled with tiredness so I did find some weeks hard as I had been working during the day. Our classes covered different stages of labour, pain relief, the first weeks at home with your baby and we had a special Saturday morning session on breastfeeding. However, I was glad we did it this way than a more intensive class over two days or whatever as there is a lot to think about!

We live in a slightly different area than you though so perhaps get in touch with the nearest NCT teacher and see what their sessions are on?

I didn't do NHS classes (I know some people have done them alongside NCT as they tend to be free and might offer a different perspective as I think they tend to be run by midwives but I am not 100% sure) or hypnobirthing so I can't help with this I am afraid.

When are you due?

Good luck and let us know how you get on!!


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