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Access to Nursing course (No GCSE'S )

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MsAysh Sun 25-Oct-15 01:43:04

Hi, can anyone help me out with a few questions please. I started a Access to Nursing course in sept and was told if I don't have GCSE'S I will not be able to get into Uni next year is that right?
I do have a level 1 and 2 diploma, plus a few others will this be enough ?

PettsWoodMum Sun 25-Oct-15 06:12:11

Sorry no experience but admissions at where you are thinking of studying should be able to help. Sometimes they accept 'equivalent' qualifications so do some research into what your qualifications are also seen as equivalent to. Good luck.

Addictedtoflapjacks Sun 25-Oct-15 06:33:57

Unless it has changed the access courses are supposed to get you into uni and you should be doing math and English within the access course which is not a gcse but an equivalent. This is what it was for me when I did access to social work few years back

MsAysh Sun 25-Oct-15 08:54:45

Thanks for your advice. I will check it out @PettsWoodMum...@Addictedtoflapjacks years ago it was just a straight Access Course would get you in to Uni. This changed around 3 years ago they bought it out however, i spoke to my tutor and she said they wasn't so fussed about it now but to double check.

Has anyone else been told about ?

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