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Bonus Pastor

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MsAysh Sun 25-Oct-15 01:34:42

Hi all, does anyone have any advice on bonus Pastor College? confused
I.E. If it's a good school and is it hard to get into. What's the chances if your not a catholic I heard a lot of good reviews from people but am sure you got to be a catholic to get in? Thank you in advance.

Addictedtoflapjacks Sun 25-Oct-15 06:30:58

Your chances of getting in if your are not a Catholic or a Christian is 0. It's quite strict on admissions and also very oversubscribed. They take on 155 children each year. And last year 154 places went to church goers and 1 to special needs.
117 to catholics that attend church weekly
7 to catholics that attend fortnightly
16 to catholics that attend occasionly
14 to Christians with reference from church
None accepted from any other category. Depending where you live you may be in catchment for schools in other boroughs

MsAysh Sun 25-Oct-15 09:03:59

Thanks a lot for the information it really helps I live 10 mins away from Bonus Pastor.shock I can't believe ow unfair it is. We are Christians and do go church. Did you say I need a reference ?

Addictedtoflapjacks Tue 27-Oct-15 20:03:40

It's not about how close you live to the school is about how often you go to church, how long you have attended and what activities or roles you take part in within the church. Whether you apply as a Catholic or other religion you would need to have a reference which should be in the admissions pack. How many students of other faiths all depends on the number of catholics that apply.

If you are Christian have you thought of trinity Lewisham church of England (don't know anything about the school other than its a very small school) and bishop justus in Bromley

nancy75 Tue 27-Oct-15 20:09:15

I have friends with a child at bishop justice ( they got in based on church attendance) they are very happy with the school. They live in an area that is in catchment for one of the very good Bromley schools but chose bishop justice over the other school.

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