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Documents to Upload for Secondary Schools

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YogaPants2441 Tue 20-Oct-15 19:52:59

We have moved recently to Bromley and did not receive the pack for which documents are required for transfer to secondary school. Can you let me know what documents I need to upload please.

On another note the links to the supplementary forms for Coopers and Beckenham do not work.

How do I obtain them please?

Please respond if you know, we are going on holiday these days and I am worried that I wont submit them on time!


PettsWoodMum Tue 20-Oct-15 22:33:46

Bromley Admissions did a data gathering exercise over the summer so most parents have submitted these already separately and as long as you use the same council tax number they are fine. If you didn't get this then it states somewhere on the form or admissions booklet to contact admissions. These can be supplied after your CAF submission as per the guidance on the timeline in the booklet. Get the data gathering form from Bromley (I haven't seen it digitally so you will need them to post it to you) to submit your data. I had to provide child benefit letter from HMRC, these take a few weeks to come through. If you call HMRC up they are so used to sending these they know what to do. Don't panic.

YogaPants2441 Wed 21-Oct-15 00:03:22

PettsWoodMum, thank you so much. We applied for a primary school place earlier and sent all requested documents. It is still a bit of a mess with our documents due to the housemove, so I can't find my DS's birth certificate. However I've attached passport, child benefit letter and proof of house purchase. Just hope these are fine as they should have our details on file.

PettsWoodMum Wed 21-Oct-15 08:03:24

I didn't think you needed to attach anything to the CAF as the child benefit letter supplied separately to LBB includes proof of address, name and dob. Even if that letter states you don't claim which has been the case for some. They are quite specific it has to be this letter and nothing else so provided you have given this it should all be ok.

hornetgirl Thu 22-Oct-15 17:08:38

Hi, I called Bromley and they sent me an envelope with a form to fill in that asked for my council tax number and they wanted a photocopy of the child benefit letter (we got this by calling HMRC).

I think you can still submit the forms after 31st October. Once you submit your CAF a link appears on the eAdmissions website to send in your evidence if you haven't done it already.

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