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where to live?

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maiuk79 Sat 17-Oct-15 22:33:45

hello mums, I live in Coventry at the moment and planning to move house asap, well to be honest although we've had the house for 13 years we've hardly lived in it as we were always abroad for hubby's work, I just got back from 'hopefully last work posting' and planning to settle in one place.
I'm not sure where I do want to live, my boys just settled in King Henre's school and they seem to like it so ideally I want to move to a place that wouldn't be too far from it and at the same time I just want to move out of coventry.
I love Solhiull but not sure which areas is the best, same with Warwick and kenilworth, can you pls help me recommending the areas I should search in as I'm not really familiar of so many areas I just know them by name,
looking for an areas with nice spacious homes, private drive, safe and family orientated. I really appreciate your help as I'm disparate and not sure where to start from, thanks xx

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