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new to S Cambs- vet recommendations?

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NewScientistCamb Sat 17-Oct-15 09:35:58

We moved recently to the Shelford area and have just realised it would be a good idea to have a vet (we have a 7 year old cat, seems in good health, up to date on jabs, etc.).

Anyone have experience with the Village Vets in Whittlesford and/or Pampisford? Or the Cats Clinic in Fulbourn? All advice appreciated!

Tingalingle Sat 17-Oct-15 13:51:03

Oh god. Very, very frequent contact with Village Vet Whittlesford. Bloody animals seem to live there - in fact we've just got back half an hour ago!

Most of the vets there are lovely though I have had a few tussles over treatment of our older cat. You do tend to end up seeing someone different every time - would that put you off?

As you can tell from the above para, they do a Saturday clinic, which is jolly useful.

NewScientistCamb Sat 17-Oct-15 22:22:43

Thanks that is useful- I saw that it was quite a big practice, but tbh I don't think i'd mind seeing someone new. Just wanted to know they are competent and not massively overpriced!

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