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Buying in Herts

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imakittycat Mon 12-Oct-15 16:23:30

Sorry if this is similar to other threads!
I'm looking at buying in and around the Hitchin area and was after some tips/advice/places that are good/not so good!

I work (and rent currently) in Letchworth but my OH will be working in Acton in London by the time we move. He's happy to commute as he does shift hours and I do 9-5 so the shorter my journey the better - so we're sticking with North Herts.

We can't decide where to start looking though - relatively low budget - so small house/apartment type property at the moment.
We love Hitchin as a town but from looking at the market Letchworth could be cheaper and we would get more for our money I think. I know Letchworth as I've rented here for about a year - I know to avoid Jackman's but otherwise a bit hopeless on the rest of this area.
I'm also worried about going too far north of hitchin/letchworth as we don't want to totally ruin the OH's commute (he drives). Does anyone or their OH drive into London regularly? If so, which is worse on a regular basis - M1 or A1M?
I love village/rural life so if I could find something more out in the country I'd love it - spesh for doggy walking etc. I love the idea of Offley/Pirton or even down to Codicote - but unsure how often stuff comes up for sale (and houses that aren't way out of my budget!).

Any tips/advice greatly appreciated!!

Daffydil Wed 28-Oct-15 21:27:04

Have you looked at Baldock? You get a lot more for your money, and shouldn't make a great deal of difference to a London commute.

Codicote is lovely, and more affordable than some of the other villages, but decent places come up for sale so rarely! (We've been looking for 3 yrs...)

notquitehuman Thu 29-Oct-15 20:37:39

Hitchin is soooo overpriced now. Massive property bubble here and the town has really changed in the last couple of years. My MIL lives in Letchworth and most of it is nice. I think the Grange and Jackmans are the ones to avoid, and there are a couple of other estates that aren't so pleasant. There seems to be a slight lack of good primaries. That might just be my opinion though.

Yes Baldock is cool. Seems to be a tad cheaper. If you can bear to cross the county divide, then Biggleswade and the villages are much cheaper. Biggleswade is a nice market town, little rough around the edges in some areas though. I can imagine it getting better in future.

notquitehuman Thu 29-Oct-15 20:39:09

Oh and forgot to say, driving on the A1M is a bastard. My DH drives down to WGC daily and he's often home very late due to accidents and delays. It's a bugger of a drive.

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