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Swimming Lessons??

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Helen2Carshalton Sun 11-Oct-15 07:42:34

I took my son for swimming lessons when he was just a few months old but we stopped when the course finished. Now he's almost three and although we have taken him swimming occasionally since then, we haven't taken him for proper lessons. He does enjoy it - and so do I! Not sure if proper lessons are worth it at this age? I think my local Westcroft Leisure Centre has regular swimming lessons. Has anyone been? Would you recommend? P.S. I've only been living in Carshalton for a couple of months - but have generally been finding it fab so far!!

ljcooper3 Mon 19-Oct-15 02:44:53

We moved to Wallington earlier this year and signed up to the Westcroft Centre for swimming lessons. We pulled our daughter out after a few weeks, it was utter chaos both on the pool side and the changing rooms as there are so many lessons going on at once. The group size was 8 kids to 1 teacher. One week, we even got a phone call 2 minutes before the lesson was due to start cancelling it as the instructor was sick (organisation/communication was weak to say the least).

My daughter is 4 years old, she has been attending lessons for the past 2 years and is a confident child in the water. She is also able to swim unaided. If your child enjoys swimming a structured, fun lesson would definitely have some benefits.

Jhere Mon 22-Jan-18 10:48:34


I know this is an old thread. Can someone please recommend good swimming lessons for 3+ around Sutton, TIA.


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