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Moving to Surrey. Schools advice Barrow Hills, Edgeborough or are there others?

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Panda300 Mon 05-Oct-15 07:49:35

Hello all
After spending 5 years away we have decided to return to the UK in June next year. Surrey seems to be the most sensible option for us.
We have 2 children, our son who has just turned 10 (I think that would be yr 5 in the UK) & a daughter who has just turned 7 ( Yr 2 in th UK education system).
We have been informed we cannot apply for state schooling until we have a fixed abode in the UK and there is no guarentee of getting a place the school of your choice. Therefore we have decided to continue with private schooling. Our son is a bright & bookish type and detests sports such a rugby or football. He gets easily distracted and he needs a school which will keep him focused & engaged. Our daughter is an all rounder and very dilligent. So far she is a consistent high performer & thrives from it.
We are would like to either move to around Guildford/ Godalming or around South Farnham. Co-ed or single sex is fine but I do think my daughter may be better in a girls only environment.
We have looked at Edgeborough and Barrow Hills but it is difficult to know if these schools are genuinely of a decent calibre. Any feedback on these schools would be highly appreciated.


Godalminggranny Thu 08-Oct-15 12:35:21

Guildford High , Tormead ,St Catherine's all have junior schools for girls
St Hilary's in Godalming
Lanes borough for boys
There are loads more
There must be a list online or a book you can buy

MrsSlats Sun 01-Nov-15 14:29:12

Have a look at Hindhead schools - St Edmunds, Amesbury and The Royal are all co-ed and worth a look.

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