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What is the Archer Academy in East Finchley like?

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saveoursouls Fri 02-Oct-15 11:49:28

Haven't had any luck posting this on Mumsnet general, so am trying on here instead.

We are thinking of moving to the area and were wondering if anyone had any experiences, good or bad, of the Archer Academy secondary school?

Their website certainly makes for an impressive read, but I always like to ask local parents for their opinions as they are usually worth their weight in gold.


BarnetEnfieldEditor Sat 03-Oct-15 16:06:06

Hi saveoursouls! Sorry you didn't have much luck on the national site but that's precisely why the Mumsnet Local sites were set up - so you can get really local feedback from parents in the area.

I hope someone comes along soon with some info for you!

Best wishes

BarnetEnfieldEditor Sat 03-Oct-15 18:30:53

I know it was parent feedback you wanted but here is a link to the next Archer Academy open day. Hope useful:

saveoursouls Wed 07-Oct-15 16:00:55

thanks - am booked to go on an open morning, but really wanted to hear insider views!

BarnetEnfieldEditor Wed 07-Oct-15 18:50:30

Yes I understand and I really hope someone will come along! I will push on our social platforms (Facebook and Twitter) for you :-)

saveoursouls Mon 12-Oct-15 10:56:27

Thanks - you are a star!
And for now, more radio silence from Archer brigade confused

Cat1404 Tue 13-Oct-15 14:48:28

Hi just picked up this thread on Facebook. Our child only started in year 7, six weeks ago so can only comment on experience so far. For us and our daughter it has been nothing more than excellent from the Archer. From the many opportunities to visit the school (open evenings, open days, taster lessons for year 6 children, community days and coffee mornings for prospective parents) through transition to starting school have been outstanding. The ethos of the school set out by the group of local parents only a few years ago to set up this fully inclusive school is intrinsic in every single aspect of the school. Our daughter's transition was excellent, the Headteacher welcomed her by name on her first day and we have already met with her form tutor and attended 2 other meetings. We feel included in her journey, which helps us to support her. She has been offered so many opportunities in addition to her curriculum lessons (enrichment programme, additional language options, lectures, author visits, choirs, music lessons, sporting activities...) She is encouraged to try new things which is important to us. Only six weeks in but she is happy, inspired and learning so much each day. hope this helps

BarnetEnfieldEditor Wed 14-Oct-15 10:59:56

Cat1404 thanks so much for heading over here from Facebook. I'm sure saveoursouls will find your feedback really useful! flowers

BarnetEnfieldEditor Thu 15-Oct-15 23:19:32

To add, here's a vid from the school itself-

saveoursouls Fri 08-Jan-16 09:58:06

Thank you so much Cat sounds brilliant. You must be very pleased about your choice! Sorry for the delay in replying - I was never notified anyone had. I went on an Open Day there back in November and was really impressed, as was my husband, who is perhaps the hardest person to impress that I know.
The kids were so polite, genuinely happy and proud of their school too. It shone through.
I may have passed your DD in the corridor!
I got the impression that the boys and the girls got on well with one another, that there was an excellent standard of behaviour and respect for one another.
The opening speech by Miss Harrison was interesting (although entering the hall to loud pop music reminded me rather of much of a Labour Party conference!). The new head seems very motivated, enthusiastic and genuinely keen to make her pupils shine.
I do wonder though, why after only 2 years in the job, the old head left? I understand the current head used to be his deputy, but it still seemed rather premature to us.
By the way, we asked a couple of kids whilst on the tour, what they thought of the school - they were full of praise and very happy to talk to us. However, they both cited the school lunches as being pretty unspectacular! I know this isn't exactly the most important criteria to consider when choosing a school, but where my daughter currently is, the chef is amazing. the school has won awards for its cooking and they make everything from fresh, themselves.
I'd be curious to know how your daughter is doing now, several more weeks down the line...and what she thinks of the food!
If you'd rather PM me, that's fine.
Many many thanks in advance - it has been nigh on impossible to find any parent from the school on here!
Much appreciated flowers

Maria2007loveshersleep Sun 27-Mar-16 18:34:08

You need to be aware though that Archers have now moved to a feeder school system which means that catchment is no longer the main criterion and children from NW11 will be accepted (from garden suburb primary and Brooklands)

saveoursouls Wed 25-May-16 15:02:46

Thanks Maria yes I've since read the entire 35 page tome on it on their website {smile]
Martin isn't to be a feeder school as originally proposed and I bet that by 2017 there will hardly be any kids getting in from N2...

theredv1per Tue 19-Sep-17 11:59:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

notonoanoa Tue 19-Sep-17 22:39:26

Hi theredv1per - can you tell us more about the lack of discipline as that's important to us

theredv1per Wed 20-Sep-17 00:21:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Sundance2741 Sat 23-Sep-17 22:20:37

I'm a parent of a child in year 8. I don't recognise your description of the Archer. Admittedly my child is well behaved so detentions don't feature for her but I have been impressed with the school. She did complain about a bit of bullying last year -
she spoke to a member of staff who dealt with it efficiently and effectively and
my dd was totally happy with the outcome and hasn't been bullied since. We like the soft approach and find the school very nurturing. Communication is mostly very good, and everything seems well organised as far as we can tell. We feel there are good opportunities for the children and some great trips / visitors etc.

I see the head as having a firm vision - I can imagine some staff might find that tricky. But as parents we're more than happy and so is our child. No school is perfect but this one has a lot going for it.

theredv1per Sun 24-Sep-17 19:16:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

N2DAD2daughters Thu 01-Mar-18 16:50:00

just been offered a place to Archer Academy for our daughter. Was put third choice. I have heard of bad bullying . I am worried. Should I be?

MM1872 Sun 09-Sep-18 14:18:56

I see the archer have been forced to drop their feeder school policy. What do parents think of the % split?

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