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Moving to Horsell with newborn

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hholl28 Tue 29-Sep-15 10:14:47

Hi everyone, we are moving at the end of October to Horsell. I just wondered what local classes/ meet ups people can recommend for a 3 month old. We have been doing baby sensory and a massage class and keen to carry on with these when we move. Any advice on meeting new mums or other classes would be much appreciated. Thank you!

FIBT Mon 19-Oct-15 22:14:20


I live in Horsell and have a 6 month old.

There is baby sensory in Knaphill (classes are opening for booking over half term for the next term so I'd get booked up early)

There is a lady called Emma who does a baby massage course at the Salvation Army church in Goldsworth Park (on the edge of Horsell and also where weigh-in is on a Wednesday from 9.15). She is fantastic and there is homemade cake!

The Lightbox does storytelling every other Tuesday morning at from 11, but you have to be there at 10.30 to get a ticket. It's aimed at all under 5s, so there is a break in the middle to do a little craft but the babies still love it and they don't mind littlies going. It is a suggested £2 donation and there is a good coffee shop there to waste the half hour before it starts.

The Nest is run by a group of mums through NCT (you don't have to be a member) and is in St John's Memorial Hall on St Johns Lye on a Thursday from 1.30 - 3, I think that is still a £2 suggested donation.

There are local surestart centres too, but depending where you are in the village will depend where you get assigned.

Also, a date for the diary - 28th November is the Horsell Christmas Market, the Christmas Tree festival at the Church and the Children's Fair at the Village school.

Hope that all helps,


JHH15 Tue 20-Oct-15 15:07:26

You can be my friend if you like! smile I'm in Godalming though, 1 DS coming up to 5 months.

Good luck with the move, we moved when DS was 7 weeks flowers

hholl28 Mon 02-Nov-15 14:01:09

Thank you for the advice! We've finally moved in and so i will start checking your suggestions out. I've signed up at Horsell Village School Children's Centre so will go along to a few things there.

Happy to be friends with you too JHH15! How far is Godalming though?.

FIBT Mon 02-Nov-15 19:33:05

It's about half an hour to Godalming from Horsell smile

If you're around tomorrow it is the Lightbox story time. You need to be there for 10.30 though (I would suggest before) if you have any chance of getting a ticket smile

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